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Buffalo Sabres Fans is my latest undertaking. This is a blog website that will allow the passionate Sabres fan base read informative articles and have the ability to comment and interact with the columnist and each other. This website will feature a great design, content and a custom built MyQSL database to enable a great experience for users that visit the website. This project is currently going through wireframe design. Check out the progress.
Alexandra Levine-Lyric Spinto: Opera singer Alexandra Levine is an up and coming talent based in New York City. Her website highlights examples of Alexandra’s music and her career from the early stages to now. This website features audio content to highlight her immense talent. Launch Site
McIntosh Middle School: This was a website I redesigned and managed for 2 years. The website consisted of over 100 pages. The project required a large global navigation, but I also implemented a very effective local navigation to increase usability for the viewer. Launch Site
Forever Flowers: This is a website that highlights the floral wedding packages of Forever Flowers, who are based in the Virgin Islands. This is a Flash based site that was constructed in 2003. Launch Site
U2 War: An album cover concept that I did in a Photoshop class. I used pictures that I shot from various places and put them together to create a painting type of look. View Album Cover
Take Some Time: I created this poster in Photoshop using existing images and my own artwork. It is meant to remind people to take time out of their busy life to enjoy life and the people who are important to them. View Poster
Water Logo: This is actually a motion graphics piece. This is an animated logo that I did for a client before they sold the business. I used Photoshop for the effects and used Flash to make those effects come alive. View Animated Logo
Dance to Remember: A Michael Jackson iPod Poster concept. I used Photoshop to create a silhouette of Michael Jackson. Dance to remember is a tribute to the King of Pop. View Poster